Joseph Moore

Adam Moore's Adoptive Father


A middle aged man of mixed ethnicity with tanned skin and dark brown hair, Joseph is just a little over-weight and wears glasses most of the time. He is typically clean shaven and wears his only slightly thinning hair cut short. Joseph has a kindly bearing and makes a habit of smiling at anyone who makes eye contact.

Joseph is usually dressed in slacks and a dress shirt, with a jacket on hand, if not worn.


Joseph Moore, 45, is the son of a mixed European father, and an East Indian mother. His parents met in India where his father was a missionary, and they moved back to the US after they were married. Joseph was raised with an appreciation of multi-culturalism, and studied abroad where he met his future wife while doing anthropological studies for his graduate work. He is strict but kind, and deeply religious from a devout Baptist background.

Joseph Moore

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