Julie Connors

Adam Moore's girlfriend


About the same height as Adam at 5’ 7", Julie is fair-skinned and blonde. She rarely wears makeup, and her long hair is usually in a ponytail.


Julie also grew up in the Santa Cruz area. She used to watch Adam play baseball as an opponent from a rival high school. She assumed he must be stuck up from all the attention he got from the scouts and media, and was surprised to find that he was actually a little shy and awkward.
Julie comes from a similarly strict Christian background, the daughter of a pastor and a stay at home mom. She has two siblings, a younger brother, and an older sister.

Julie is also attending college on a dual athletic scholarship: volleyball in the fall (as a setter/digger) and softball in the spring (center field). While she is competitive and capable in both sports, she recognizes the difference in her proficiency and those of her stronger, more capable teammates. College ball is probably as far as she will ever go, so she does her best to enjoy every moment on the court and in the field. In the mean time, she is studying sports medicine and hopes to become a physical therapist.

Julie is a good student and she and Adam spend a high percentage of their time together studying and training in the gym.

Julie Connors

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