Linda Moore

Adam Moore's Adoptive Mother


Linda Moore is a dark skinned beauty, who is often mistaken for Adam’s older sister. Her straight black hair is cut in an a-line that tends to draw attention to her exotic dark eyes and petite features. She has a somewhat stern business-like demeanor that is usually more a result of fatigue from long hours at the hospital than any intended hostility.

When Linda is not in Scrubs, she favors business style skirts and blouses that mirror her husband’s ‘dress casual’ look.


Linda Moore, 42 is the daughter of a Filipino-American Indian flight attendant, and a Japanese business man. She met Joseph during his studies abroad, and the two fell in love. They have settled in the United States where she has worked as a nurse for now, but plan to go into the mission field now that there son has left the house.

Linda Moore

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