Scion: Heroes Arise!

New York, New York
That's what Friends are for...

May 25th, 2014

Man, I can’t believe this is really happening! Coach called me in yesterday to tell me it had finally happened. A chartered flight to New York to meet with the Yankees! I’m on a flight to New York city as I write this!

I was kind of surprised that Mom actually sounded excited for me. I always got the impression she was a little disappointed with my career choice. To be honest, it DOES seem like there should be more that I could do with my gifts; but what? It’s not like I’m some kind of superhero or something like Ryan seems to think. ‘Super’ agility isn’t going to somehow make me a more capable missionary or preacher. It doesn’t help with just about any job BUT athletics – and Baseball is the least likely for me to injure someone else on accident.

Man, there was some weird guy staring at me at the airport during the first layover in Seattle. I didn’t recognize him, but he seemed to be pissed at me. I wonder if I beat his kid’s team in a game or something? I got this strange ‘copper’ taste in my mouth. I wonder if there was something in the water at the airport? Anyway, I’m not going to let some weirdo and an odd taste get me down – this is what I’ve dreamed of my whole life!

Got that ‘copper’ taste in my mouth again at the 2nd layover in Chicago. Am I getting sick or something? I looked around for the weird guy with the paper again, but no sign of him. Oh well, it’s probably just a stress response of some kind. I’m going to meet with the Yankees!

“Joe” met me at the airport in a Yankees limo! I wonder if that’s how they treat all of their prospects? He said it was his first day on the job – which I actually kind of appreciate. It was nice to have someone else new to this experience along for the drive. He took me to the stadium and I met George Steinbrenner Jr! I got a tour of the facilities and go to meet the coaches. They explained that I’d be part of a ‘combine’ the following day to show them what I can do. I couldn’t help shaking this odd sensation while I was there – like something in the stadium was ‘off’. I got that coppery taste again, and I couldn’t seem to find my ‘focus’. At least I didn’t have to perform today. Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.

May 27th, 2014

I got to go out to dinner with Derek Jeter last night! Man…no wonder I had a feeling like things weren’t real. This whole experience is too good to be true. I swear I met half of the team at the steak house where we went, and half of the big wigs in New York while I was at it! I met the mayor, and several broadway stars. I think I saw Jimmy Fallon! No more weird copper taste in my mouth just a ton of surreal interactions with people I’ve only seen on TV and GREAT food. I’ve got the combine today. I’m a little nervous. I want to make sure I give a good impression – but don’t do anything to ‘freaky’. How do I stand out without standing out ‘too much?’

Practice went pretty well. I probably overdid it a little cranking those home runs off of the closer, but I was so nervous! How can I face my lifelong dream and risk losing it because I held back too much? The best part was the practice with the actually team mates! I had to actually push myself to my full extent a few times. What a rush! It’s hard to believe this could be my life in a couple of years. I’m just nervous that they’re going to want me to sign right away. The last thing my mom said to me was to make me promise I wouldn’t sign now.

On another note, I DID get that strange copper taste again while I was at the stadium. It seemed to be coming from somewhere around the broadcast booths. Don’t ask me how I know – I just do…I better not tell Ryan about this, he’ll think I’ve got some kind of ‘spider-sense’. That guy has read way too many comic books.

Man, whoever said you can’t have everything you ever dreamed of! Mr. Steinbrenner was very understanding of my desire to finish school. He agreed to let me sign a Letter of Intent so I can finish up school AND come play for the Yankees! On top of it all, I get to go celebrate with my best friend! Ryan is coming over from Jersey to show me around town!

May 28th, 2014

Man, as fast as things can all come together – they can all fall apart. Yesterday, I thought my every dream had come true – now I’m living some kind of nightmare.

So first, we’re in Manhattan somewhere (honestly I have no idea where…) and we heard some lady screaming from an alley. Nobody else seemed to notice, so Ryan and I went to investigate. There were about ten guys attacking some girl. I told Ryan to call 911 and I was going to try and scare them off by taking video and threatening to upload it, but instead of calling – Ryan decided to play the hero and charged in!

It’s kind of a blur after that. Ryan was brawling with a handful of the thugs while some others started carrying the girl away. Ryan seemed to be holding his own so I used a fire escape to get past half of them, and dropped onto one of them and took another one out with a kick. I had to chase down the last one, but he got the hint that he was outclassed and let the girl go. When I got back though, the rest of them were kicking the crap out of Ryan. I just barely managed to chase them off before they killed him. I couldn’t call 911, my phone must have fell out of my pocket or something during my acrobatics (I lose more phones that way!) The cops must have grilled me like 50 times…to be honest, I don’t blame them, my story was a little far fetched – but they didn’t have anyone that could reliably contradict me, so I wasn’t too worried. I didn’t want to be tied to any kind of trouble that might be linked back to the team and hurt my chances.

May 29th

Well, the good news is, Ryan looks like he’s going to make it, and he was smart enough to back my story so I don’t get in any trouble. That’s about all of the good news I’m afraid. I remembered belatedly that I had agreed to practice with the team today – but as I was rushing to make it with my stuff, I got messages at the lobby from the receptionist. Julie wanted me to call (she must be ticked I didn’t call her last night!) ‘immediately’ but when I called, there was no answer at her cell and Stacy didn’t know where she was when I called the room. I also had a message from Dad…Mom seems to have come down with some strange infection that is destroying her organs. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong and dad wants me home as soon as possible. What am I going to do?!

Well, I guess something good happened today. The Yankees agreed to charter me a flight home if I agreed to do some charity work for them this summer. It seemed like a win-win to me, so now I’m on a flight home to Santa Cruz. I just hope I can get there in time to at least see Mom. I hope she’ll pull through, but at least I know where she go if the worst does happen. I just want to make sure I’m there for dad, she’s always been his world. I don’t know what he’ll do without her.

Had the weirdest dream – like some strange guy talking to me about an enemy coming…telling me to focus. Isn’t that what sensei used to say? “Focus…Breathe…Relax.” I must be more tired than I thought. At least I should be home soon. Time to get more sleep if I can.

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