Ryan Anderson

Adam's best friend


Ryan is large and muscular with traces of his hispanic background evident in his dark skin and hair. He likes to wear tight, sleeveless shirts that show off his physique, and baggy jeans that are easy to move around in. He wears a knee brace on his left leg when engaged in athletic activities.


Ryan grew up in Santa Cruz with Adam, and while not quite the prodigy that Adam is, was challenged to push himself by his friend, and managed to earn a scholarship to attend college along side his high school team mate. After the first year, Ryan was approached by a minor league scout. Determined to make the most of his baseball chances, Ryan jumped on the chance, and has been playing AA ball with a farm team out in New Jersey.

Ryan is a little more outgoing than his best friend, if less socially skilled. His father owns a small business in Watsonville (just outside of Santa Cruz) and his mother works for the school district.

Ryan likes to think he is smooth with the ladies, but seldom has a girlfriend. Still, it was his semi-obnoxious pushing that got Adam to ask his girlfriend out for the first time.

Ryan is the only person that Adam has shared his ‘freakish’ ability levels with. When they were sophomores – and Adam first started learning the extent of his abilities, Adam demonstrated being able to hit balls from several pitching machines at the same time and crank them to just about any part of the park he wanted. Ryan thinks that Adam is called by God to use his abilities, and has joked with him about being a ‘superhero’.

During Adam’s try outs with the Yankees, Ryan was critically injured by a group of thugs in an alley. Adam had to leave him in the hospital to fly home due to a similarly dire emergency with his mom.

Ryan Anderson

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